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Pick C, its always C
Good luck
Unlike many of my colleagues, I was spared from the technology disaster, thank goodness. 6 hours of multiple choice today, weeee! Luckily, that involves just a #2 pencil and no computers.
Ya that really sucks, I would be furious. Here's hoping for the best for him.
Hope Ovander got to take his exam
wvw at 10 tonight wednesday we'll get everyone together that has an archeage beta and game together!
Thank you, Cid!
Ima be late for WvW agian tonight 30 mins - 1 hour late prly
Ovander I think I can speak for all of us when I say we wish you the best on your test. Kick its ass
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shadowghost/GRlMREAPERif any1 on archeage beta, add me grimreaper
shadowghost/GRlMREAPERarcheage beta starts at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) on Wednesday, July 30 and run through 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) on Monday. so that 12 Pm for us eastern time. Remember the server we are all on is the Niea or w/e it spelled something with a N there only 1 u cant miss it. and also the fraction side is Niun and Elf. if you pick cat person and small human aka Asian u will be on the enemy side to use.
shadowghost/GRlMREAPERcid ask for one with an kraken on top then hold a knife... but why knife when u can hold a hook!!
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KelsieTBTHey guys! Since CID and some people are going to play archeage on weds day I thought it would be a good idea to host another Ele training session. It's will likely start an hour after typical WvW time so we get the most attendance we can get. It will cover running with the Zerg, dodge rolling, theory crafting, and 1v1's.
Of course it will be held in the PvP practice arena.

Please attend if: you want to learn how to play Ele, are having trouble playing with an ele, or just want some extra practice

If YOU ARE ATTENDING please leave a comment saying that you are on this post, if I get less than 3 people I won't bother with the class.

Also any Ele's that run with us please friend me, I will but announcements like this on my wall page.

Thank you for your time~Kelsie~
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Hawklight   This is actually awesome. I really want to learn how to play ele in our big zergs. I'll try to make it.
DawnOfAzazel.5142   Yeah i'll come, gods know i can't get worse.
Ulrik   Kelsie!!!!!! Noooo, your taking new interns??? Have I failed you? :(
shadowghost/GRlMREAPERthe logo I made that was in the picture ;)
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CardinalJAWSHey guys this is Hanz Kwan. As u know i am still a fairly new member, i play only guardian but I use a slightly more glass build then the one that is recommended. My build is heavily based around healing off of crits that i deal stemmng from the empowering might trait. I also run 0-0-6-4-4 which is mainly for the second stability granted to virtue of courage. I was just wondering if you guys want people to strictly use the guild builds, or if it is ok that I use my IoM build which I have become quite comfortable on.

On another note I've been enjoying my time here and if people are interested I could potentially start leading a slightly earlier rally to warm up for Cid. I personally can only be on between 1-2 hours after cid starts due to work but I'd love to start sooner to get dem bags! Ill of course have to discuss this with celest and cid first but it would be good practice/ warm up and I could work on my commanding skillz a bit. Anyways sorry for the novel just a few clarifications I needed!
Celestial Reckoning   As long as your toughness is high enough that you arent going down 1st pass. Our requirements are mainly to make sure people arent running rallybot builds.

We are looking for backup commanders, so yes if you want to start commanding, that'd be awesome. I'd send a msg to Cid just to let him know. Glad to have you in our guild Hanz!
shadowghost/GRlMREAPER   running glass wont really do much help on guard, we prefer the guard to be as tanky and live the longest to provide those heals and stabs. if you are already running the 00644 build then all you need are some solider gears and kninghts trinket or vise versa and can already do a crazy amount of damage once you might up with staff empower, then hammer 2 on hammer. My guard have 2300k raw attack power and 30% crit with 175% crit damage and once I might up and use hammer 2 I almost always crit and deal about 5k burst dps on the enemy everytime while still remaining super durable.
Celestial Reckoning   Hanz you can post your build in the theorycraft section if you would like people to take a look at it. Let's try and keep build talk off the front page.
shadowghost/GRlMREAPERarcheage representing that tbt!
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El Cid   where'd you get the logo?
shadowghost/GRlMREAPER   I made it myself like it?
Ulrik   Looks great man.
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Impervious MaximusIf there are any warriors having issues during WvW, feel free to message me and we can discuss builds or any other questions you might have. I'm on most evenings before we raid at 10:00.
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Celestial Reckoning   Same goes for guardians. if anyone needs help with their guardian, feel free to ask me or Cid. There are class guides under the "Guild Approved Builds" section in the forums. Please check those out too.
slothkun   Necros feel free to msg Dos :3
KelsieTBT   Kelsie for Ele's :d
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