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Yeah, havent been able to get in
log in server down 1700 us central time. dont log out or change characters
To Kraken: handled for now, taking 3~ hour nap, will be on after to elaborate.
Note to guild: Hold on to Thunderstruck Trees for Nov... All seige weapons require TS to build. We may need them.
Stfu nameless punk bitch imma pwnusohard bro 360noscope u all day
Updates my intro post, go ahead and bask in my greatness
wow this re-design looks awesome
moved the song audio control near top of page so it's easily accessible.
Also, the site redesign does look pretty badass sid.
You do not have access to shout
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arthasstorming halcyona !
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SpurDo you guys like the TBT Intro i made? =]
TBT Template
the name dosent match with the template but ohwell
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Spur   yes ofc =]
Riviae   Spur, is amazing!!!! May i suggest something? put a good texture on the text. I think it will look cooler.
Riviae   Like this one

LysandersMe and the lottery.
Tourettes Guy - Lottery
The Tourettes guy gets mad when he doesnt win the lottery.
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El Cid KRAKENplaying AA
Tell My Wife - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts
Subscribe to Explosm! - Read Our Comic...
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