General Expectation

We expect mature, dedicated players who put the guild's needs before their own.

Voice / VOIP

We require that you be willing to at least listen in on the guild's VOIP during an event so that you can stay on the same page with the rest of the raid.

Mandatory Events

From time to time, we will run events that are mandatory participation in the guild (provided, of course, that you are online). Some of these events are scheduled in advance. Other times, you may get 30 minutes' notice. If the GM or an Officer calls for a mandatory raid, be prepared to attend. We keep track of attendance. In other words, if you are logged into the game, but you are not participating in the raid, then that's usually a problem, absent a compelling reason.

No Drama, No Bullshit

Guild chat isn't the place to lash out at your fellow guild members, criticize the operation of the guild, or lambaste our allies. If you have an issue that could reasonably be interpreted as divisive, please approach an Officer and speak with him or her. We have a number of Officers who are more than happy and able to address your concerns. However, the Officers are also busy people. Officers sometimes just miss your whisper or can't quite reply immediately. Bare with the Officers and try them again. Just keep it off the guild chat.

No Whining

It's ok to ask for help. That's what a guild is for! Everyone wants help, but we're not always able to help each other. Sometimes, we're occupied. Sometimes, we're away. Sometimes, we just simply didn't see you say it in our chat boxes. Rather than getting upset and lashing out, just calmly ask for help again. If no one replies and you truly cannot proceed without assistance, then bring it up to an Officer. Hopefully, that Officer will respond to your needs.

No-Go Topics

Our guild has a zero-tolerance policy for racism, homophobia, and rape jokes. Our guild is diverse, and we take seriously our responsibility to foster an inclusive atmosphere. Do not make these crude "jokes" in guild chat, VOIP, or anywhere else, including public chat or on the forums. You are a member of this guild. Accordingly, your actions and words (whether good or bad) speak for this guild.

Build Up, Don't Tear Down

If you win a battle or a PvP match, great. However, exhibit proper sportsmanship. Don't harass the opponent you just bested, especially if your opponent is a guildmate or an ally. In fact, if it's a member of <The Black Tides>, then try to help him or her get better. That sort of constructive criticism will make the guild stronger.

Homophobic Insults

<The Black Tides> does not tolerate homophobic insults. If you witness a guild member making homophobic insults, please screen capture it and report it to an Officer.


<The Black Tides> does not tolerate racism. It's 2016, folks. If you witness a guild member spouting off racist remarks, screen capture it and report it to an Officer.

Rape Threats

<The Black Tides> does not tolerate rape jokes. Many of us know women (or men) who were victims of rape. Naturally, we aren't fond of rape threats either. If you see someone making rape threats or extreme rape jokes, please screen capture it and report it to an Officer.